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Sherri Thomas
Forbes Coaches Council + Writer
Fortune 100 leadership and career coach
President, Your Leadership Lab

As a top rated global motivational speaker, Sherri has spoken at over 500+ global events and company conferences.  Popular topics including –

  • LEVEL UP YOUR LEADERSHIPfor higher VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and INFLUENCE with company leaders, customers, and external thought leaders.
  • CAREER EMPOWERMENT – 5 steps to a powerful personal brand for more INFLUENCE and GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES inside an organization.

Sherri Thomas has spoken at 500+ leadership and corporate events including Intel’s Global Diversity Leadership Conference, Boeing’s Learning & Education series, Schneider-Electric’s Employee Development Conference, Intel’s Global Development Forum (IDF), Global Symposium for Project Management Institute (PMI), National Conference of Society of Women Engineers (SWE), National Conference Assoc of Talent Development (ATD), Thunderbird Global School of Management, etc. all over the world in the United States, Israel, Ireland, Singapore, Malyasia, Bali, Kenya, and more.

Sherri Thomas Leadership Coach and Personal Branding Strategist

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TOP RATEDGlobal Motivational Speaker



3 YEARS in a ROW, Sherri was VOTED BEST SPEAKER at our internal PM Conference!”


3 YEARS in a ROW, Sherri was a FAVORITE SPEAKER at Thunderbird Global School of Management!”


“Sherri is always a FAVORITE SPEAKER at 60+ Intel conferences and events around the world!”


“Sherri was VOTED BEST SPEAKER at our Software Conference!”


“Sherri was VOTED BEST KEYNOTE SPEAKER at Intel’s Global Leadership Conference!”


“Sherri received EXCEPTIONAL RATINGS at our Global Women’s Event!”


“Sherri is a FANASTIC CHAMPION of leading others through culture changes and career transitions!”


“Sherri is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL and HIGHLY ENERGETIC speaker! “I HIGHLY recommend her!”


Speaking Reviews

Sherri is fantastic as a champion of leading others through culture changes and career transition. She was the keynote speaker at more than 60+ conferences and events around the world for career empowerment, branding and re-branding, and personal leadership development. She spoke at one of the internal Intel women’s events I was hosted and received exceptional ratings.

Shelley Wagner, Intel Corporation, Chief of Staff Client Computing Group

Sherri is a brilliant speaker and inspires her audience to want to achieve more for themselves. She customizes her content to fit the audience and is truly a personal branding and professional development strategist in every sense of the word. I had the privilege of attending several of her virtual and in-person workshops. She explains personal leadership, branding, and career growth concepts in a simplistic manner; everyone gets it. I love her ‘bus concept’ and it made me realize my own potential and strengths. I am so happy to see that she is evangelizing this topic and hope that she reaches out to many talent as possible.

Caroline Korger, SAP, Office of the CEO Sr. Communications/Change Consultant

Sherri Thomas was a top rated keynote speaker at Intel’s Global Leadership Conference in Oregon. She engages with the audience in a unique and personal way. Sherri has done many presentations at our Global Leadership Conferences at Intel, in different Intel locations, in person and virtually. Her knowledge of leadership building, personal branding, and career growth make her presentations a wealth of knowledge. She is definitely one of the big difference makers at Intel and beyond. Thank you Sherri!

Yuri Rameriz, Intel Corporations, Past Chair Intel Global Diversity Leadership Conference

Sherri is an extremely powerful, highly energetic personal leadership branding speaker. Thunderbird Global School of Management engaged Sherri as a speaker 3 times for both our MBA and non-traditional students, and we have always received more than we could expect from her presentations. She identified easily with our students and was able to give valuable advice whether this was a mid-career traditional MBA student from Canada, or a non-traditional entrepreneurship student from Pakistan. I highly recommend Sherri to organizations looking for a speaker who will truly inspire people and encourage them to develop in a positive way!

Wynona Heim, CEO Wise Women Advising

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