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At the heart of Your Leadership Lab our personal approach is being a thought partner with you, creating a safe space to dive deep into unique professional challenges. We'll give you proven, fast strategies and solutions, lead you in scenario planning and possibilities thinking, and ultimately create an action plan with immediate steps to help you build a bridge to your passion, purpose, and the role you REALLY want to play in this world.

We've had the privilege of helping over 1,000 leaders stretch, grow, and evolve.

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2+ Sessions SILVER Package
  • TWO 50-minute personal one-on-one strategy sessions.
  • Immediate action plan with personalized next steps.
  • 1 month unlimited email support.
  • **This package is for people managers, project/program managers and individual contributors who want to reach the next level in their career.
4+ Sessions GOLD Package
  • FOUR (4) 50-minute personal one-on-one strategy sessions.
  • Immediate action plan with personalized next steps.
  • LinkedIn profile professional review and recommendations.
  • Resume professional critique and recommendations.
  • 2 months unlimited email support.
  • **This package is for Sr. Managers and Sr. high performers who want to reach the next level in their career.
6+ Sessions Platinum Package
  • SIX (6) 50-minute personal one-on-one strategy sessions for personal leadership branding (or re-branding.)
  • Immediate branding/re-branding action plan with personalized next steps.
  • LinkedIn profile professional review and recommendations.
  • Resume professional critique and recommendations.
  • Personalized strength assessment.
  • 3 months unlimited email support.
  • **This package is for Company leaders and executives who want to build their executive brand for greater influence and more career opportunities.
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Leadership Coach and Personal Branding Strategist Sherri Thomas

Interviewed And Featured In

Leadership Branding and Career Coach Client Reviews

We’ve had the privilege of helping over 1,000 leaders, managers, and subject matter experts stretch, grow, and evolve.

I am sorry to see Sherri depart Intel where she had a tremendous impact coaching so many leaders and employees through reinvention, rebrand and possibility thinking. I fondly remember our sessions when I had decided to take a different path, and she talked about possibilities with unbounded encouragement and uplifting enthusiasm. Her sessions were based on the foundation of competence and trust. She seeks to draw out deep understanding of oneself, motivations and unique strengths. In her own authentic way, she bundles them uniquely to unleash its power to people and places where they would be most appreciated and valued. I am sure Sherri will continue to do a great job, this time beyond the company walls enriching the lives of many more and uncovering the potential in humanity for the years to come. I would highly recommend Sherri as a leadership and career coach.

Kabul Sengupta, Intel Corporation, Intel Foundry Services leader

I had the pleasure of working with Sherri for 3 years as co-members, including when Sherri was President of the American Marketing Association’s, National Council for Professional Chapters serving 75,000 members. She is not only an exemplary leader for the AMA and the industry, she is a creative and encouraging mentor and coach to marketing professionals. I also highly recommend Sherri for her integrity and her leadership coaching skills.

Cynthia Holladay Loosely. Ring Central, Sr. Product Manager

I met Sherri at a time I was transitioning in my leadership development, and I was looking for a coach to partner with me through the journey. Without fail, Sherri’s name always came up. I was fortunate that Sherri signed me up as a client. I realized quickly why Sherri was a trusted, highly respected, and sought-after coach for leadership development and growth. Sherri was well informed of critical issues that could accelerate my transition and she was not governed by conventional wisdom. In addition, Sherri’s passion for her clients, insights, and strategic mindset set her apart and ultimately let to a successful engagement. I would definitely partner with Sherri again.

Dr. Richard Osibanjo, Forbes Columnist. Intel Corporation, CLG Co-Founder and Data Platforms Group Org Development Leader

Sherri is an extremely personable, highly energetic coach. I first engaged with Sherri when I was needing a little direction and focus. What I received was so much more than I could have ever expected. Sherri was invaluable to help me define my goals, chart my course and to provide me with tools that I could use every day to remain focused on what I wanted to achieve. Almost 4 years later, I still refer to my notes and I still bring to mind sessions I had with Sherri. Finding myself saying “What would Sherri tell me…” is a common occurrence but with Sherri’s help, I now can figure out the answers. I HIGHLY recommend Sherri – you will NEVER regret it.

Michelle Glynn, VP Client Delivery

I highly recommend Sherri as a leadership coach. Sherri is an expert at getting individuals to ask themselves the right questions and perform the necessary self-analysis to gain a true understanding of their strengths and purpose. Sherri’s experience and proven techniques produce a tailored evaluation that is a natural fit for clients that enable them to proceed with an elevated confidence level that leads to success. Sherri’s guidance has been instrumental for me during my leadership discovery and  journey, and I strongly encourage others to connect with her to experience the same.

Billy Ladd, Jama Software, Director of Customer Care

Sherri Thomas is a superb personal branding strategist for leaders and managers. She is the consummate professional with expertise as a coach, a speaker and an author. She is just as effective one on one or speaking to a crowd of hundreds. She is sought out by name as an industry thought leader for career and personal leadership empowerment, and touched thousands of employees to help navigate them to their next level. She is the real deal – creative, authentic, passionate and energetic. She made a difference on our team and I highly recommend her.

Connie Sanchez, Intel Corporation, Onboarding & Integration Program Manager

Sherri is both a wonderful leadership coach and mentor. Her ideas and insights led to me creating an action plan to build my skills and confidence and get to the leadership level I wanted to be. With Sherri as my coach, I developed the courage to actually start writing, something I had been wanting to do. Even though we lived in 2 different continents, she was always just one email away. Scheduling an appointment for a life session was easy with the help of her wonderful assistant. Thanks Sherri for everything you have done for me!

Stephanie Jaeger, Healthcare Management

Sherri did a great job in helping me navigate to my next leadership level. Her advice help clarify my goals and my next steps in order to execute the transition successfully. I would recommend her to anyone looking for leadership coaching – at all levels of the organization.

Christopher Miller, Intel Corporation, Director of Strategy for IoT Markets and Channels Sales

Sherri has a unique touch. When a client is at the lowest point, she has the ability to help the person reframe, redirect and process to move forward. Helping shift a negative perspective into a positive or just a view to go beyond ones self. She is an asset for any client looking to work through and accept outstanding issues. Highly recommend.

Steven De Korne, Intel Corporation, Data Center Group Global Marketing Operations

Sherri is an incredibly effective coach….one in a million! She has the methods, tools and deep understanding to know what it takes and help professionals get to the next level. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve job performance, manage job transitions or personal marketing.

Jeff Watson, Intel Corporation, Engineering Technology and Supply Chain Manager

Sherri is an awesome coach. She is keen on knowing a person’s capabilities and her coaching brings that out. Due to her coaching, I was able to get an AI position and expand my knowledge two to fourfold that I would not be able to do with traditional educational avenues. Sherri is a leader and visionary.

Noel Paz, Intel Corporation, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer 


It’s hard to believe that I got a new leadership position in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic – but I did! Hiring Sherri as my coach helped me transition into EXACTLY what I wanted – the right leadership position inside the right company, in a new state – and with a salary increase! The leadership role is a perfect fit for my experience and expertise. I KNOW that my sessions with Sherri did a WORLD of good with this. Thank you! Thank you!

Tony Ryszewski, Leadership Position

Leadership Coaching FAQ’s you may be wondering…

Leadership strategy coaching sessions

What will we talk about in our leadership strategy coaching sessions?

The first session will be an in-take session which will consist of deep conversation with your personal coach about your professional history, current situation, goals, and challenges. This will provide a strong foundation so that your personal coach can truly be a thought partner for you. After your first session, you will set the agenda for your coaching sessions which may include things like building your powerful leadership brand, broadening your influence and credibility, reigniting your professional flame… or anything else to help you stretch, grow, and evolve professionally. With your personal coach, you can discuss ideas and solutions, engage in scenario planning and possibilities thinking, and ultimately build a bridge to your passion, purpose, and the role you want to play in this world.

What if I do not like working with my leadership coach?

We understand that coaching is deeply personal. If at any point, you don’t feel that you and your coach are a good match, we encourage you to request a different coach. We are proud of our leadership coaches and want to give you an outstanding experience!

How will I meet with my personal leadership coach?

The most popular way is with ZOOM video calls via our private ZOOM rooms. Or you can meet by phone.

How can I schedule my leadership coaching sessions?

We have a private scheduling tool to make it easy for you to schedule sessions with your leadership coach. Normally, sessions need to be scheduled 2-3 days in advance. You can always work with your personal coach to arrange a time that’s convenient for both of you.

What happens after I register for one of the leadership coaching packages?

After you register, you will instantly be sent an email with the name and email of your personal coach, as well as a link to your coach’s private calendar link so that you may schedule your first session. The email will also include a questionnaire form that we encourage you to fill out and send to your coach to help fast track your first coaching session.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my coaching session?

No problem! You can reschedule the session using the same booking appointment link you used to schedule your original appointment. We ask a minimum of 24-hour advance notice.

How can I learn more?

Sure, we’d love to chat with you! We invite you to schedule a phone call with Sherri Thomas so that you can get all your questions answered. Or, you may fill out our online form. We have more details on both provided below…


How am I billed for a leadership coaching package?

Your 1st payment will be billed immediately, and if applicable every 30 days after that.

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Your Leadership Lab is a division of Career Coaching 360, LLC

Your Leadership Lab is a division of Career Coaching 360, LLC