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Sherri Thomas
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We help corporate leaders and high performers strengthen their executive presence, influence, and self-confidence inside (and outside) the company for BIGGER impact and leadership opportunities.

Our popular leadership workshops include –

  • Level Up Leadership – Upleveling your confidence, influence, and executive presence with customers, company leaders and external influencers.
  • Career Empowerment – Driving your career by creating and landing opportunities inside a changing environment.
  • Team Branding – building a powerful, cohesive TEAM BRAND inside a large company for greater alignment, retention, performance, and recognition.

Our high energy leadership workshops build stronger alignment with company leaders and executives, higher team synergy, and bigger impact.  Designed for company leaders and high performers, our workshops include leadership activities, case studies, proven strategies and tools. Attendees leave with a personalized action plan with immediate next steps.

We’ve helped thousands of leaders and high performers LEVEL UP their influence, self-confidence, reputation, and career in the corporate world.

Sherri Thomas Leadership Coach and Personal Branding Strategist

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Most popular

$1,997 In Person
$997 Virtual
  • 90-minutes customizable leadership workshop with Sherri Thomas.
  • Up to 20 attendees.
  • Includes leadership workshop tools, framework, and guidebook.
  • Pre-event intake session to gather requirements, audience needs, and key messaging.
  • Travel fees not included for in person workshop.
$2,997 In Person
$1,997 Virtual
  • 3 HOUR customizable leadership workshop with Sherri Thomas.
  • Up to 20 attendees.
  • Includes leadership tools, framework, guidebook, and action plan.
  • Pre-event intake session to gather requirements, and understand audience needs and key messaging.
  • Travel fees not included for in person workshop.
$7,997 In Person
$5,997 Virtual
  • FULL DAY customizable leadership workshop with Sherri Thomas.
  • Up to 20 attendees.
  • Includes leadership tools, framework, guidebook, and action plan.
  • Pre-event intake session to gather requirements, and understand audience needs and key messaging.
  • Travel fees not included for in person workshop.

Client Reviews

We’ve had the privilege of helping over 10,000 leaders, managers, and subject matter experts stretch, grow, and evolve in their career.

Sherri is absolutely at the top of her profession in helping guide organizations in creating more collaborative, stronger leadership teams that communicate and operate more effectively. Importantly, her work helps foster a higher level of trust within a leadership team. Sherri’s positive impact on our company was immediate and provided great value to us as we continue to grow and expand our operations. I would highly recommend Sherri to any organization looking to improve the effectiveness of its leadership team and overall excellence.

Rudy Parga, CEO/Owner Imagine Technology Group of Arizona


Sherri Thomas is a superb career strategist for employees, managers and leaders. She is the consummate professional with expertise as a coach, a speaker and an author. She is just as effective one on one or speaking to a crowd of hundreds. She is sought out by name as an industry thought leader for career empowerment and touched thousands of employees to help navigate them to their next career best. She is the real deal – creative, authentic, passionate and energetic. She made a difference on our team!

Connie Sanches, Onboarding/Integration Program Manager at Intel Corporation


I hold the highest respect for Sherri. Based on our work together for 4 years, her impact on professional growth and personal branding throughout a global company has been amazing. She created and facilitated global leadership and employee workshops on personal branding, leadership development, and career empowerment. They were successfully implemented in the U.S., Europe and Asia reaching thousands of employees and perceived as excellent and transferable to multiple GEOGRPAPHIES and cultures. Sherri is an inspiring speaker. In Israel she spoke to about 250 managers about their professional development strategies. She is a respected coach and I’m constantly learning from her. Anyone who works with Sherri will quickly discover the broad perspective she brings given her diverse and vast experience. I am a fan and would gladly say “YES!” to working with Sherri on a new initiative any day!

Clara Rispler, PhD, Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant


I highly recommend Sherri as a facilitator to help managers and leaders achieve their full potential! I had the pleasure several times to co-facilitate Intel management development courses with Sherri. Also, she led and facilitated other leadership and employee development workshops that I attended. Sherri is a highly energetic and engaging speaker. She is a fantastic role model for storytelling to hold and audience’s attention and help them really internalize the key training messages.

Drew Jenkins, Intel Corporation, Executive Onboarding & Integration Manager


What sets Sherri apart is the deeply rooted sense of humanity that guides her work with our team and our clients. She has this seemingly natural ease in working with leaders and employees in transition, be it 1:1, from a stage, or in virtual settings that brings them in, makes them listen a little more closely, and gets them to share of themselves in order to help find the path to their best next role. I have found myself personally adopting pieces of Sherri’s approach and adapting them for my own style. She’s a guide on how to be authentic, a wonderful facilitator, and an amazingly caring person with so much to offer those wanting support.

Dave Wiltz, Intel Corporation, Sr. Strategic Planner

FAQ’s you may be wondering…

Team leadership, manager branding, and personal branding workshops

How are workshops created?

We want to make sure your audience is engaged and empowered so we spend a lot of time in the creation process. Sherri Thomas will meet you to discuss what you would like your audience to learn from the workshop. She’ll also learn about your team’s goals, strengths, and any challenges. After that, we’ll create a draft agenda and work directly with you to finalize it so that we can meet your goals and exceed your expectations!

How are workshops delivered?

Depending on your preference and the health environment, our workshops may be delivered virtually or in person.

What is a team branding workshop?

We have several popular workshops and one of them is a “Team Branding Workshop.” Most organizations have a company brand… but also sitting inside companies are teams that can have their own unique sub-culture or team brand. Is your team getting the influence and recognition it deserves? Are team members feeling valued and appreciated? Is your team well aligned, and working in synergy? A team branding workshop focuses on identifying the team’s strengths, impact, and goals to create a unique “team brand.” Inside the team workshop, the manager and team members learn how to identify the team brand, as well as promote their brand with one voice to company leaders, customers and potential customers. This workshop elevates team alignment, engagement, commitment and performance.

How much do workshops cost?

We’ve delivered workshops from 5 to 100’s of attendees. Our leadership building and personal branding workshops are filled with leadership activities, case studies and examples, tools, and personalized step-by-step action plans. They may be customized based on length and delivery format. Content may also be customized to reflect the company brand and culture. Our workshops start at $997 for up to 20 attendees.

How can I learn more?

Sure, we’d love to chat with you! We invite you to schedule a phone call with Sherri Thomas so that you can get all your questions answered. Or, you can connect with us by phone or email. More details on each of those is provided below…

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our passion is developing company leaders, teams, and high performers. We provide personal one-on-one coaching, team leadership, manager branding, and personal branding workshops, as well as keynote presentations. When you’re ready to raise your career, your team, and your company to the next level, we’re here for you.

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